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Club SL

Club SL

Our Club SL benefits include access to your local sports council awards and use of the Club SL logo on your club website and promotional material.  There will also be Club SL online register that will include any links to your website or contact person.

See below the Club SL Criteria and Benefits table. Alternatively download our Club SL information and application pack.

To download examples of Club constitution, Child protection policy, etc visit our Club SL download page.

Download the list of Clubs who have achieved Club SL.

Club SL award criteria and benefits

Criteria Benefits
Club constitution*(i) Access to Club Development Forum
Club bank account evidence* Access to schools***
Governing body affiliation registration number*(i) Advice on club development / Officer support
Local Sports Council Affiliation registration number*(i) Club SL logo and certificate
Child protection policy - incl PVG*(i) Entry to local Sports Council Award
Club insurance (£2million)* SLLC Website / Club Directory
Qualified Coaches (separate sheet if required)*

(i) Where applicable.
* Documents or information should be supplied as evidence.
** Subject to available funding.
*** Access to school for tasters, leaflets can only be undertaken after planning contact with local Active Schools Coordinator.

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