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Personal training

Personal training

If you would like a fresh approach to your gym workout then why not join our Personal Training Programme?

Personal Training is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, whether that is to lose weight, improve muscle tone, increase muscle mass, develop a specific rehab programme or simply improve your motivation to exercise. Your Trainer will educate you in training techniques, methods and nutrition which will assist you in achieving your long term goals.

The Personal Training Programme is available for all gym members and non members to use and will allow you and your trainer to develop a bespoke training programme that will directly meet your training needs.

The Personal Training Programme is available as a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 basis, if you prefer to train with a friend or family member.

For further information on how to book your personal training session please contact your local leisure centre or download our Personal Training enquiry form.  Download Personal Training prices.