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Takin' Over the Asylum

Published: Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Takin' Over the Asylum

East Kilbride Repertory Theatre Club present

Takin' Over the Asylum

By Donna Franceschild

When Eddie Mckenna, Soul Survivor and replacement window salesman, arrives to re-launch the defunct radio station in St Jude’s psychiatric unit, he turns more than the dilapidated station upside down. The whisky drinking would-be DJ meets the irrepressible Campbell whose dreams appear untouched by reality, the hyper-organised Rosalie who fights a one-woman war against germs, the electronics genius, Fergus, and the fragile, self-destructive Francine.

As the patients battle with perception and prejudice as much as their own illness, Eddie, armed only with his record collection, transforms their lives as well as his own in this hilarious and profoundly moving play.

Available to book online or by calling East Kilbride Arts Centre on 01355 261000.

Date: 12-15 Jun 2019

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: £10.00 / £7.00

Venue: Village Theatre East Kilbride

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