The eagerly anticipated new season Events Brochure for Lanark Memorial Hall is now available. Watch our new trailer to see some of the highlights but as always, there’s much, much more on offer!
Download you’re copy at and get your tickets from 01555 667999 or
If you’ve never been before, we’d love to welcome you to our fabulous venue and if you’re a regular attendee, we looking forward having you back.

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Rugby is a contact sport that involves two teams playing against each other. The objective is to keep possession of the ball and try to put it down over the opposition’s goal line. Teams are usually made up of 15 players on each side but this can vary depending on the age of the participants. Pitch sizes can also vary but a full sized playing surface should be no more than 100m x 70m. The main laws of the game are to run forward, pass back and tackle hard! Give it a TRY!

List of Club SL Rugby clubs

Sport Club name Contact name Email Website
Rugby Biggar Rugby Club (adult/child) Mr Andy Barnett 07834600337
Rugby Cambuslang Rugby & Sports Club Mr Ivor Menzies jig.menz
Rugby Hamilton Rugby Club Adult/ Junior Mr Alan Falconer