The eagerly anticipated new season Events Brochure for Lanark Memorial Hall is now available. Watch our new trailer to see some of the highlights but as always, there’s much, much more on offer!
Download you’re copy at and get your tickets from 01555 667999 or
If you’ve never been before, we’d love to welcome you to our fabulous venue and if you’re a regular attendee, we looking forward having you back.

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Tae kwon Do

Tae kwon Do

Taekwon Do is a version of unarmed combat designed for the purpose of self-defence. Students have the opportunity to train and develop their skills, allowing them to progress through a number of grades.

List of Club SL Taekwon Do clubs

Sport Club name Contact name Email Website
Taekwon Do Belgacems School Of Cho`s Tae Kwon Do Mr Karim Belgacem
Taekwon Do Scotia Tkd Mr David Condie scotiatkd
Taekwon Do Steels Taekwon Do Mrs Janice Steele jake_steel
Taekwon Do Tae Kwon-Do (Rutherglen) Mr James Reed jamesreedtkd
Taekwon Do Uddingston Tae Kwon-Do Mrs Kirsty Izat kizat
Taekwon Do Xs Taekwon Do Mr Andrew Pitchford andrew.pitchford