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Mobile library

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Mobile Library

Mobile libraries provide books and information to communities that do not have a public library. The collections on the vehicles are constantly updated and provide a choice of leisure reading, listening and viewing for adults and children.

Membership is free and you can reserve any item in South Lanarkshire's online library catalogue. The mobile libraries are linked to the catalogue so staff can check if the books you want are available. They can also assist you with information requests through their links with enquiry teams at the main libraries.

Contacts for the Mobile Library service are as follows:

  • Walter Stewart on 01698 452202  /  07795 090 529
  • Julie Gardiner on 07795 090 526

Sites now will be visited fortnightly on the days and times listed below.

This table shows the mobile library timetable
Settlement name Halt name Week day Week 1 / 2 Arrive Depart
Abington Village car park Wednesday 2 11.20am 11.45am
Ashgill Graham Place Friday 2 9.30am 9.40am
Auchenheath at Lancaster Road Friday 2 12.00pm 12.20pm
Auldton Carlisle Road Monday 2 6.50pm 7.00pm
Braehead Cockridge Road Friday 1 9.15am 9.30am
Braehead Main Street Friday 1 9.40am 10.00am
Braidwood Loch Avenue Tuesday 1 4.55pm 5.10am
Caldermill Glasgow Road Tuesday 1 2.35pm 2.45pm
Carnwath Couthally Terrace Tuesday 1 6.35pm 7.00pm
Carstairs Junction Park Avenue Wednesday 1 10.20am 10.40am
Carstairs Village Green Avenue Wednesday 1 10.45am 11.00am
Chapelton Village Main Street / Village Shop Monday 2 1.30pm 2.00pm
Cleghorn Cleghorn Terrace Tuesday 1 5.55pm 6.10pm
Coalburn Swimming Pool Monday 2 5.10pm 5.40pm
Coalburn Dunn Crescent Monday 2 5.40pm 5.50pm
Coalburn Coalburn Road Monday 2 5.55pm 6.10pm
Coalburn Bellefield Monday 2 6.15pm 6.25pm
Coalburn Birkhill House Monday 2 6.30pm 6.45pm
Coulter Park Avenue Monday 1 3.25pm 3.40pm
Covington Covington Road Monday 1 1.55pm 2.10pm
Crawford Watling Street Wednesday 2 11.50am 12.05pm
Crawford Village Car Park Wednesday 2 12.10pm 12.25pm
Crawford Merlindale Wednesday 2 12.30pm 12.45pm
Crawfordjohn Village Hall Wednesday 2 10.00am 10.30am
Crossford Darkbrig Road Wednesday 1 2.45pm 3.05pm
Crossford Dewar Walk Wednesday 1 3.10pm 3.40pm
Crossford Carfin Drive Wednesday 1 3.45pm 4.00pm
Dalserf Kirk Road Wednesday 1 2.10pm 2.30pm
Dolphinton The Village Friday 1 12.25pm 12.35pm
Douglas Main Street Tuesday 2 3.25pm 3.55pm
Douglas Hill Street Tuesday 2 4.55pm 5.25pm
Douglas Welldale Street Tuesday 2 5.35pm 6.50pm
Douglas Water MacAuslan Terrace Friday 2 2.15pm 2.35pm
Dungavel Hamilton Drive Tuesday 1 1.45pm 2.00pm
Elsrickle Carnwath Road Friday 1 1.00pm 1.15pm
Elvanfoot At the phone box Wednesday 2 3.25pm 3.35pm
Gilmourton Village Tuesday 1 2.10pm 2.25pm
Glassford Village Kirkstyle Place Monday 2 2.15pm 2.35pm
Glassford Village Millar Street Monday 2 2.40pm 3.00pm
Glespin Village Hall Tuesday 2 2.45pm 3.00pm
Glespin Bus stop Tuesday 2 3.00pm 3.10pm
Kirkmuirhill Park Street Friday 2 11.05am 11.50am
Law Village Station Road Friday 1 3.00pm 3.40pm
Law Village Murray Road Friday 1 3.45pm 4.15pm
Leadhills Main Street Wednesday 2 2.15pm 3.15pm
Nemphlar At Hall Road Tuesday 1 5.25pm 5.40pm
Netherburn Broomfield Road Friday 2 9.55am 10.10am
Netherburn Annabella Road Friday 2 10.15am 10.30am
New Trows New Trows Road Monday 2 4.10pm 4.30pm
Newbigging Beside old stone Mercat Cross Friday 1 11.30am 11.45am
Newmains Farm Ayr Road Tuesday 2 2.15pm 2.30pm
Pettinain Cairngryffe Street Monday 1 1.35pm 1.45pm
Pettinain Raeburn Common Monday 1 1.15pm 1.30pm
Quarter Limekilnburn Road Tuesday 1 3.15pm 3.45pm
Quothquan Shieldhill Road Monday 1 2.30pm 2.45pm
Rigside Birnie Knowe Friday 2 2.45pm 4.00pm
Roberton Howgate Road Wednesday 2 10.45am 11.10am
Sandford Village Stonehouse Road Monday 2 3.10pm 3.30pm
Symington Millburn Court Monday 1 3.55pm 4.05pm
Symington Village Green Monday 1 4.10pm 4.40pm
Symington Carding Street Monday 1 5.30pm 5.40pm
Tarbrax Village Green Friday 1 10.40am 11.15am
Thankerton Millands Road Monday 1 5.55pm 6.20pm
Thankerton Station Road Monday 1 6.25pm 6.45pm
Tillietudlem Fence Terrace Friday 2 12.30pm 12.45pm
Uddington Ayr Road Tuesday 2 1.50pm 2.05pm
Watermeetings Incorporating Daer Hall Wednesday 2 3.45pm 4.00pm
Weston Bee Farm Friday 1 11.55am 12.10pm
Wolfclyde Cormiston Road Monday 1 3.00pm 3.15pm


This table shows the 2021-2022 mobile library Week 1 / 2 timetable
Month Week 1 commencing Week 2 commencing
April 12, 26 5, 19
May 10, 24 3, 17, 31
June 7, 21 14, 28
July 5, 19 12, 26
August 2, 16, 30 9, 23
September 13, 27 6, 20
October 11, 25 4, 18
November 8, 22 1, 15, 29
December 6, 20 13, 27
January 3, 17, 31 10, 24
February 14, 28 7, 21
March 14, 28 7, 21


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