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South Lanarkshire During Wartime

South Lanarkshire During Wartime

Low Parks Museum

The Museum Service covers wartime subjects including those linked to The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and the Lanarkshire Yeomanry.   A selection of museum items can be viewed via our Online Collection and we bring you stories, photographs and collections content through the regimental collections blog and our exhibitions in Low Parks Museum. We look forward to sharing with you poignant wartime stories of Cameronian soldiers. This includes soldiers decorated for bravery, men taken prisoner of war, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We will continue to highlight and promote new posts through the Low Parks Museum Facebook page.  Please make sure to ‘like’ the Page to keep up to date with our latest content.

Image showing Cameronian soldiers marching


BorrowBox local content

The Libraries Service has added three newly created eBooks to our BorrowBox local content collection.

There is no waiting list for these items.

They can be downloaded using our BorrowBox app. If you’re not sure how to use BorrowBox then this video should help.

Lanark during the war years – 1939-1945

This anonymous handwritten diary has been lovingly digitised and transcribed. It provides a valuable insight into Lanark during the war years and how life in Lanark changed.

Lanark during the war years – 1939-1945
Lanark during the war years 1938 to 1945 and local notes Extracts from a war time diary of the Lanark area the diary shows details of entries for the first and second weeks in June 1940
District spitfire fund crashed german junkers 88 exhibition on 18 november

VE Day in Rutherglen 1945

A fascinating and entertaining account of Rutherglen exploring the events around VE Day in Rutherglen. It also covers subjects including Women at War, Bombs in Rutherglen, Gas Masks, and much more!

VE Day in Rutherglen 1945
Ve day celebrations in rutherglen image showing miss mary munro her peter henderson medals and her flyer they shall have music wherever they go Gas mask information circa 1939 image also show children and adults in rutherglen town hall with gas mask

Rutherglen Reformer – 11th May 1945

Read the full edition (all 8 pages!) of the first Reformer published after VE Day.

The header of the rutherglen reformer 11th may 1945


Wartime photographs

To view photos of South Lanarkshire during WW2, go to our Wartime Photographs web page.

Soldiers' Stories

For a more personal insight on WW2 and VE Day you can view our Soldiers' Stories film, which explores personal stories from members of Lanarkshire regiments, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Lanarkshire Yeomanry.

A Soldiers story image.  Four portraits of soldiers, with two cap badges displayed.

Ancestry Library Edition

Discover your family’s wartime story by searching the billions of records held on the Ancestry Library Edition website. This is now temporarily available to library members from home! Visit our online catalogue and Log in using your Library membership to get FREE access.

Log in here to your library account to access Ancestory Library Edition from home.  Access to this resource has been temporarily expanded to library cardholders working remotely courtesy of PrQuest and its partner Ancestry

For help in getting started, have a look at our Beginners Military Family History eBook, now available on BorrowBox. Find it in the Local Content category.

Borrowbox local content


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