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Avondale Community Wing


Avondale Community Wing

The Avondale Community Wing opened in May 2018 and is a multifunctional venue providing a range of community and social activities. The venue is located on the site of the original St Patrick’s primary school, next door to the new St Patrick’s primary school. The facility is accessible by car from Overton road and by foot from Overton Road, Commercial Road and Cochrane Street.

Bright, warm and welcoming the facility is designed to a high standard with warm colours and feature lighting.

The venue will function as a community hub where people can meet for coffee, take part in one of the activities or book a special occasion. With free wifi throughout the facility keeping in touch with family and friends is easy.

The Library is located to the right of the main reception and provides a collection of popular books for adults and children, a range of digital opportunities including the activeIT learning centre and a castle themed children’s area. Customers can also enjoy coffee and biscuits while relaxing with a book or catching up with the latest news.

The Kype suite is adjacent to the library and is designed to accommodate small meetings, children’s birthday parties and presentations.

The Powmillon, Calder and Goodsburn Halls can be booked separately or combined dependent on the size of space required.

The Goodsburn Hall is used by the school during the school day but is available for community use after 6pm and during weekends and school holidays.

Find out more about Room Booking.

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    Avondale Community Wing

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    Free WiFi

    Free WiFi is on offer at all of our libraries. Pop in and check your email or browse the latest reviews for the book you are looking for.

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    How to join the library

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    A reading group is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books. Groups range from friends who meet in each other's homes, to groups set up in libraries or bookshops.

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    Renewing your library book

    At South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture's libraries an item can be renewed in person, by telephone or online up to three times, unless someone else has already reserved the item.

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