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East Kilbride 70 Voices Heritage Project

Published: Friday, 02 February 2018

East Kilbride 70 Voices Heritage Project

East Kilbride 70 Voices Heritage Project

For East Kilbride’s 70th Anniversary in 2017 we decided to do something a bit special and a bit different. We were looking to find out what East Kilbride meant to the community now and in the past. While this might be the same thing, it might not be. We want to know how has the area has changed over time and find out what things stayed the same as it grew.

What made the town unique and what makes it stand out today? What we are going to do is create an ‘intergenerational dialogue’ between family members or friends that will give a new insight and an overview of Scotland’s First New Town.

We’re going to film it and edit into digestible chunks. These will be available online on social media and SCRAN for all to enjoy. We’ve created a gallery of portraits of those who have taken part as well as a display of pictures of the area in days gone by.

We have also taken the downright futuristic step of 3d scanning and printing copies of the kind people who contributed.

We aimed to have thirty-five EK natives, who have lived here at some stage of their lives, chat to thirty-five ‘young’uns’ from the area giving us the magic number of 70 Voices.

East Kilbride was a small farming-centric village until after the Second World War, when it was decided that the Government would create ‘New Towns’ to ease the over-population in the major cities and to provide a better standard of housing and living. EK was Scotland’s first of these satellite towns and arguably the most successful, from 1947 growing from a village of less than 1,000 people to having almost 75,000 calling it home.

We want to capture their story. Your story.

Please email or contact EK Central Library for more information.

This project was funded by the Scottish Library and Information Council’s Public Library Improvement fund and we have worked in partnership with SCRAN. SCRAN is a Scottish online resource for educational use by the public, schools, further education and higher education. It presents nearly 490,000 images and sounds contributed by museums, galleries, archives and the media and is available with your SLLC library membership number.

Find out more about our Heritage Online services.

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