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Micro:bits in libraries!

Published: Thursday, 20 December 2018

Micro:bits in libraries!

We have added dozens of micro:bit starter packs to our library collections thanks to the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

The micro:bit is a circuit board measuring 50x40mm with two buttons and an array of 25 red LEDs in a 5x5 arrangement. It can be programmed via a web-based interface to do many things, including flashing up numbers, letters and scrolling messages on the LEDs, and because there’s a built-in accelerometer and compass, it can detect movement and tell which way it’s pointing.

The buttons can control games or even music playback via Bluetooth, on devices such as phones or tablets.

The starter pack also includes a USB cable, a quick start guide and a battery cage. Batteries are not supplied, however the device can be powered via the USB cable.

Micro:bits can be borrowed FREE for up to 28 days, and can be renewed. Just search for micro:bit on our online catalogue and reserve a pack today!

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