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Live Life Live Golf

Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Live Life Live Golf

Live Life Live Golf

During mental health awareness week the SLLC Golf section organised the annual Live Life, Live Golf event at Playsport Golf centre. The aim of this event is to provide an opportunity to experience golf for people suffering or recovering from various kinds of mental health issues and addictions. The event consists of two activities and participants can choose between a coached group lesson or playing up to 9 holes on the golf course. It’s designed to be fun, relaxed, and a great opportunity for people to come and try an activity they may never have considered before.

Research suggests that being active and being outdoors can have a positive influence on your mental health and wellbeing. Chris Wands, a local champion of mental health recovery and a keen golfer, is the founder of the event. Golf was the activity which helped him enormously in his recovery from mental health issues. He has campaigned for other people suffering to have the opportunity to give the game a try and realise the many benefits the game can provide.

Working in partnership with Colin Girvan from SLLC the event has now taken place for four years in a row and continues to grow in numbers and interest. A group of ladies from East Kilbride, who use services provided by SLC Social Work, attended the event this year and enjoyed it so much they are now keen to start a programme of coaching during the summer.

The following photos show some of the participants who took part in this year's event

Live life live golf 2019 2
Live life live golf 2019 11
Live life live golf 4
Live life live golf 5


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