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Replay! Sporting Memories programme

Published: Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Replay! Sporting Memories programme

Replay! Sporting Memories programme

Calderglen Community Sports Hub

A new project which aims to help change the lives of older people living with long term conditions has been launched via Calderglen Community sports hub in East Kilbride. The project hosted at East Kilbride sports club brings together clubs from both Community Sports hubs in East Kilbride to assist in the delivery of reminiscence therapy and physical activity for older participants living with dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland in partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture have so far hosted two events bringing together several reminiscence groups together at Calderglen Sports Hub (CSH) with a further 16 scheduled. Calderglen harriers were on hand to contribute to some Athletics based reminiscence and engage participants in some exercise.

The project is one of seventeen funded through national Changing Lives through sports and physical activity initiative and is designed to positively impact the lives of older adults with long term some with health conditions and combat isolation. Each session involves reminiscence therapy, a social aspect with a bite to eat and some appropriate exercise designed to improve strength and balance. Participants will also meet at their weekly groups and will set personal goals on improving their physical literacy to aid their daily life using CAPA super six exercises to improve strength and balance and general health and wellbeing measures included. The project will also seek to engage the wider community via the sports hub and its members – encouraging clubs to develop what they offer and for new people to take part in the programme.

Gavin Maclure, Community Sports Hub Officer said: “We are delighted to support the project and relationship between Sporting Memories foundation and their local community in East Kilbride. The community Sports Hub based at East Kilbride sports club at Calderglen country Park has 6 sports clubs: Athletics, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and Football amongst other activities. These clubs will get the opportunity to learn and work with older people and it is a great way for those involved with the programme and monthly hub events to connect with the wider community and explore new ways of getting active or come along and enjoy the company with a cup of tea, a bit to eat and some exercise.”

“Through support of local volunteers and club coaches the aim is increase participants’ levels of activity and enjoyment of sessions, link with other hub events and potentially create a pathway into a club. We also envisage this will be an avenue for sporting memories to grow their programme through interaction with the clubs and community in East Kilbride and generally for people to be more active and enjoy the alternative environment of the country park and sports facilities.”

 Chris Wilkins, Co-Founder of Sporting Memories, said: “Our clubs and groups aim to improve the lives of isolated older people living with long-term mental and physical conditions and we hope that through our monthly hub events we can re-engage older adults with sports they once enjoyed in their local community.

“We are delighted to have the support of South Lanarkshire Leisure, Calderglen Sports Hub, as well as, the Changing Lives Through Sport and Physical Activity fund. We hope this project will grow considerably over the next two years and that many older people in the community will embrace the opportunity and become more physically active again.”

Chair of sportscotland, Mel Young, said: “We see time and again that sport has the power to change lives and being physically active is one of the best things we can do for our physical and mental health.

“At sportscotland we believe sport should enable anyone to play regardless of age, ability or where you come from. We strive to ensure sport is at the heart of society in Scotland and makes a lasting and positive impact on people and communities.

“It’s great to see such a good example of that in The Sporting Memories Foundation, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Calderglen Sports Hub event. This project is showing that sport and physical activity can make a meaningful difference to the lives of older people.”

The next event will be on Tuesday the 4th of June. For more information or to get involved contact

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