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The Booth

Published: Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Booth

The Booth

By Peter Paterson
Directed by Colin Scougall

A booth in a Glasgow working class pub intertwines the lives of regulars and staff in a comedic tale of love, loss and friendship, guided along the way by a narrator who invites us to explore the relationship between the characters and a special place they like to call their own.

The booth holds diverse significance to each tenant as a place full of memories, love and laughter. This new play will take you on a hilarious journey through time whilst introducing you to interesting characters who will present situations full of fun, heartfelt warmth and comfort as their stories unfold.

Available to book online or by calling East Kilbride Arts Centre on 01355 261000.

Date: 6-7 Sep 2019

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: £12.50 / £10.50

Venue: East Kilbride Arts Centre

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