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Emergency Notice

Published: Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Emergency Notice

Many leisure and cultural premises in South Lanarkshire are closed due to the coronavirus situation.

The move by South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture (SLLC) followed public health advice from the Scottish and UK governments, which recommended people avoid non-essential social contact.All of SLLC’s public-facing leisure and culture premises and services closed from Wednesday 18 March 2020. This included all leisure and sports facilities, and all culture facilities including libraries, town halls and Low Parks Museum.

David Booth, SLLC General Manager, said: “We take this step with regret and we do understand that it will be a serious inconvenience to all the many people who make use of, and enjoy, our services.

“However, we really have no choice, as this move is entirely in line with the public health advice we are all being given by our governments and their science and medical advisers to delay the transmission of the virus. We look forward to reopening our doors as soon as the advice is that it is appropriate to do so.”

Membership fees will be frozen automatically throughout the closure, so service users do not need to take action on this. Anyone who has paid for classes or other services that cannot be delivered will be contacted to arrange a refund.

As services re-open we will advise on our Coming out of Lockdown news banner. Services will be restarted in a phased return as Scottish Government guidelines permit.

Our current plan for services restart is available in the SLLC Recovery Routemap download.

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