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Group Swimming Lessons Restart at Dollan Aqua Centre and Hamilton Water Palace

Published: Thursday, 10 September 2020

Group Swimming Lessons Restart at Dollan Aqua Centre and Hamilton Water Palace

Group Swimming Lessons Restart at Dollan Aqua Centre and Hamilton Water Palace

***Urgent Action Required***

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture are delighted to announce that, as from 5 October, we will be opening the Dollan Aqua Centre and Hamilton Water Palace swimming lesson programmes.

If your child attended the Dollan Aqua Centre for swimming lessons in March, and you wish to resume lessons, please email the Swim Officer at

If your child attended the Hamilton Water Palace for swimming lessons in March, and you wish to resume lessons, please email the Swim Officer at

Please contact us now to confirm that you wish your child to return as spaces are limited under the new guidelines.

If your child was in the lesson programme at either facility in March then you should have received an e-mail.

Once we have received your email confirming you wish your child to resume lessons then a day and time will be offered closely based on when you previously attended.

Please be aware that we are currently only allocating spaces to existing customers who had a place in the swimming progamme in March.

Swim Lessons FAQ’s

When will my direct debit start?

If your child has been offered a space your direct debit date will commence on 1 October 2020.

I no longer want to be a swim lesson member, what do I do?

We are sorry to see you go. Please email our membership team at Cancellations.

My concession card has expired, how can I get it updated?

Concession cards that expired during the lockdown period will be automatically extended to 31 October 2020.  Thereafter, as a temporary measure, proof of continuing eligibility or for new applications should be emailed to Customer Services.

Will my child be offered the same day and time?

Due to the new restrictions we have had to stagger start times and extend our programme over a longer time period. It is likely your day will remain the same but your start time will change.

Can I change my child’s lesson?

Initially we will be looking to allocate days and times around existing bookings due to the limited spaces available. Once everyone in the programme, who is interested in returning, has been in contact we will be in a position to review possible changes.

Will the changing rooms and showers be open?

The changing village will be open. A dedicated cubicle will be allocated to each swimmer. Belongings will be left in the cubicle. Swimmers will return to the same cubicle after the lesson.

Pre lesson rinse showers will be encouraged. This is to protect the chemical balance of the water.

No after activity showers will be permitted. This is to ensure a fast changeover between sessions and to avoid a bottleneck where social distancing would be difficult to manage.

Will there be any hairdryers available?


Why have preschool lessons not restarted?

Preschool lessons are not restarting as, under current COVID-19 guidance, teachers are not allowed to enter the water and must remain socially distanced from their pupils. We hope to restart these lessons at a later date.

COVID 19 SLLC Group Swimming Lesson Guidance


Do not come to the pool if you or you child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature, cough, or loss of taste or smell). You can find the latest guidance on NHS Inform

People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 10 days and household members for 14 days as per info on NHS guidance.

No one who is self-isolating should attend a sports facility or activity.

A face covering should be worn before and after your activity, in communal areas of the facility such as reception, changing rooms and corridors.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided as you enter the facility.

Parents should talk to their child before arriving at the centre to ensure they understand that things will be slightly different and should practise putting goggles on and off and getting changed independently.

Before the Lesson

Swimmers should arrive at the facility 10 minutes before the start of their lesson and be beach ready, i.e. with your swimming costume underneath your clothing. Where possible, wear easy to change into loose clothing such as a track suit to facilitate speed and independence during changing.

Parents who are not attending the changing village with their child should ensure that the child knows where the designated building waiting area / pick up point will be. If in doubt where this is, please ask a member of staff.

There will be directional signage, social distancing measures and a one-way system in place in our buildings. These should be followed at all times.

On arrival swimmer’s names will be checked against a register for test and protect protocols and will then be told to proceed to the changing village following the designated one-way system.

Swimmers will then be allocated a dedicated cubicle for the session. Swimmers will then get changed and leave their belongings / clothes in that cubicle. Where necessary a parent / guardian will be able to assist their child to get changed but must remain in the cubicle with them.

Parents must not linger in the changing village corridors.

Swimmers will make their way to the main showers where they will quickly pre-swim rinse before making their way to their lesson area where they will be met by their teacher.

Parents / guardians should then make their way out of the changing village at the earliest convenience following the building's dedicated one-way system. They will then be able to proceed to the building's dedicated viewing area.

During the Lesson

All teaching will be conducted from the side of the pool.

Teachers will have to maintain social distancing from their pupils.

Teachers will no longer be able to assist with putting on / off or adjusting goggles. Please practise this skill with your child before you return to your swimming lessons.

Use of equipment will be kept to a minimum and any equipment such as floats will be suitably disinfected before use and will not be shared during the course of the lesson.

Unfortunately, there will no longer be an alternate learning activity at the end of the lesson due to limiting the use of additional equipment.

After the Lesson

After the lesson is over swimmers should make their way directly to their cubicle without showering and get changed quickly.

Parents, who have to assist their child get changed, should be ready to receive their child 5 mins before the end of the lesson from the designated pick up point within the changing village. The parent should again remain in the cubicle until both child and parent are ready to leave.

We would strongly encourage parents of older, more confident children to wait outside the changing village in the designated waiting area to minimise any chance of congestion.

Please do not congregate at any time in the changing village area.

Once changed children and parents should exit the changing village as soon as possible.

Hairdriers will not be available.

We understand that you may not have seen friends and family for a while but please catch up with them once outside the building.


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