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Swimming lesson update

Published: Wednesday, 07 April 2021

Swimming lesson update

Swimming lesson update

We are pleased to announce our swimming lessons will be back at the following sites from week commencing 26 April 2021:

  • Dollan Aqua Centre
  • Hamilton Water Palace
  • Lanark Lifestyles

Larkhall Leisure Centre and Eastfield Lifestyle swimming lesson programmes will be added in stage two of our recovery plan. We will keep our customers up to date through our social media channels and website.

We thank you for your support and we can’t wait to be back and supporting our local communities. We have been working hard to ensure our centres remain a safe environment. Please ensure you view our information thoroughly before visiting the centre. All the measures detailed below are based on government guidance and our own risk assessments.

Dollan Aqua Centre

For child swimmers who are able to change on their own - Dollan Aqua Centre - Child Changing on their Own - Facility Walkthrough - YouTube

For parents / carers who are spectating their child in lessons - Dollan Aqua Centre - Parent / Carer (Child changing on own) - Facility walkthrough - YouTube

For small child swimmers who are unable to change on their own - Dollan Aqua Centre - Small Child Swimmer (Parent / carer helping to change) - Facility Walkthrough - YouTube

Read the Dollan Aqua Centre swim lessons safety measures.

Hamilton Water Palace

For all child swimmers - Hamilton Water Palace - Child Swimmer - Facility Walkthrough - YouTube

Read the Hamilton Water Palace swim lessons safety measures.

Lanark Lifestyles

For child swimmers who are able to change on their own - 

For small child swimmers who are unable to change on their own - 

Read the Lanark Lifestyles swim lessons safety measures.


Swimming Lesson FAQ’s

How do I restart group swimming lessons?

All those who were in our lesson programme prior to lockdown will have received an email. If you did not receive this, please email us at:

Dollan Aqua Centre –

Hamilton Water Palace -

Lanark Lifestyles -

When will my direct debit start?

1 May - the swimming lesson programme guarantees 45 lessons per year and payments are divided equally over 12 monthly direct debits.

I no longer want to be a swim lesson member, what do I do?

We are sorry to see you go. Please let us know in writing by emailing our membership team at

Will my child be offered the same day and time?

Due to the new restrictions we have had to stagger start times and extend our programme over a longer period. It is likely your day will remain the same, but your start time will change.

Can I change my child’s lesson?

Initially we will be looking to allocate days and times around existing bookings due to the limited spaces available. Once everyone in the programme, who is interested in returning, has been in contact we will be able to review possible changes.

Will changing rooms and showers be available?

The changing village is open and sanitised regularly in between users.

Pre-rinse showers are encouraged. This is to protect the chemical balance of the water.

No post-swim showers will be permitted. This is to ensure a fast change-over and to avoid a bottleneck where social distancing would be difficult to manage.

Will hairdryers be available?


Why have pre-school lessons not restarted?

Under covid guidance, teachers are not allowed to enter the water and must remain socially distant from the swimmers. We hope to restart these lessons at a later date.

My child would need assistance to go to the toilet during a lesson, how would this work?

Your teacher will attract your attention using the “T” hand sign. Your child will be directed to walk round to you for you to walk them down to the toilet. When returning walk back to the spectating area with your child and encourage them to continue walking to their class.

I would rather not spectate, what should I do?

Upon arrival let the member of staff at the swim desk know this and ensure we have the most up to date contact number. Parents of under 8’s must remain in the building or car park. Children 8 and over may attend without a parent.

Can a sibling spectate with me?

Ideally each swimmer will only be accompanied by one adult, but we understand that in some instances this may not be possible.

If you are bringing an additional child, you will not be able to spectate on poolside. This is a capacity and safety issue. In this instance you can spectate from the café area.

Space is limited in the café. We will accommodate as best we can.

My child attends straight from school so arriving “beach ready” would not be possible. Is there somewhere to change into swimwear?

We urge all swimmers to arrive “beach ready”, if this does pose a problem let the member of staff know when you arrive. We can find a changing area for your child.

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