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Public warned of hidden danger on ice

Published: Friday, 08 January 2021

Public warned of hidden danger on ice

Public warned of hidden danger on ice

Crisp winter days are a great time to enjoy the outdoors but there is a warning that frozen ponds, lochs and waterways could hold hidden dangers.

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture’s (SLLC) outdoor Learning and Adventure Service is saying keep off the ice over concerns around the danger of falling through it.

Over twenty people in the UK have drowned in the last 10 years after falling through ice into water, many others have had to be rescued and revived. And whilst playing on the ice can seem attractive to children, it poses a significant risk to the safety of anyone going onto it.

With many lochs and open water areas currently frozen it is almost impossible to safely tell how thick or stable the ice is or whether it can support a person, and in naturally forming ice the danger can change with every step.

There is a real risk that someone venturing out onto ice could fall through it at any time with the risk only increasing as the temperatures start to rise later this week.

Reservoirs, such as the James Hamilton Heritage Park present additional risks with inlets and outlets creating an undertow which could pull people under the surface if the ice breaks.

SLLC General Manager David Booth said; “I know how tempting the ice is but because of the hazard involved I am saying to people please do not venture on to the frozen waterways, and I would ask parents and carers to ensure that children know the risks and are not allowed to go onto ice.”

Dogs should also not be allowed out onto the ice and should always be kept on the lead around water, it is unfortunately all to common for people to get into difficulties trying to rescue a pet.

In the event that you witness someone falling through ice you should call the emergency services for immediate assistance. To maintain public safety South Lanarkshire Council and SLLC are working with Police Scotland to encourage people to report any concerns that they have where people are putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Safety charity RoSPA is a good source of further information about safety around frozen waterways Ice safety - RoSPA

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