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Rookie lifesaving

Entry Criteria


  • 5 years of age minimum
  • Swim 50m on front
  • Swim 50m on back
  • Proficient Breaststroke
  • Beginner diving from side


  • Be part of a class
  • Swim in deep water
  • Participate without adult 1 - 1 assistance being required
  • Able to perform a basic piece of work on own


  • To learn water safety
  • To learn lifesaving skills
  • To learn rescues
  • To learn survival in the water
  • To learn life support

Exit Criteria

  • On completion of star grade 4


  • The water safety code
  • The HELP and HUDDLE positions
  • The Rookie action plan
  • Rescue skills
  • Mouth to mouth ventilation
  • First Aid
  • Working as a group

Swim Officers contact details:

To book a place on one of our swimming courses or for further details, please contact the Swim Officer at the facility you wish to use

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