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Fitness Membership

Fitness Membership

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture offers various membership packages allowing you to access a range of facilities, according to your preferences, for a great value monthly Direct Debit payment. Further reductions may apply if you qualify for a concession rate. This includes if you are a student, at school, or in receipt of benefits.

Fitness Membership

There is no better time to commit to your health and fitness! We are offering all our customers an amazing fitness single membership for only £25 per month (junior fitness membership and concession rate at £12.50 per month).  You can also join as a couple at £45 per month, so not only is it better working out with someone whether that be a partner, friend or colleague it works out cheaper. These offers are available to at least November.

You can join online now, ask at your local leisure centre or call 01698 454311 for further information.

Our 'all-inclusive' Fitness membership entitles you to:

• Unlimited use of gyms, pools, racquet sports (further updates on our health suites to follow)
The Perfect Fit where we personalise your fitness journey to suit you and your goals
• Unlimited free access to our highly qualified staff for advice and assistance
• Access to our full range of fitness classes (indoor and outdoor)

If you are interested in joining our fitness family but are looking for more information you can ask at your local leisure centre, email us or call 01698 454311. We offer facility tours with a dedicated member of staff who will show you around and give you the information you are looking for. And if that isn’t enough we also offer free passes to allow you to give us a try with no obligation, simply register for our 1 Day Pass – Leisure Offers.

Under 16?

You can access most of our gyms and fitness classes from the age of 12 years old. You are never too young to join our healthy lifestyle family so why not take out our junior fitness membership and open up a whole new world of fitness activities and opportunities?

For our preschool customers and upwards who would like to try a fantastic range of activities that will keep them active, help development and meet new friends we offer a Tiny ACE / ACE membership. Find out what ACE has on offer for Term 1.

Are you a student or on benefits and looking for a discount on fitness memberships?

If you are a student or you are in receipt of certain allowances or benefits you may be able to apply for a concession discount on your monthly fees. Our membership is an amazing £12.50 per month.

If you are interested in joining our fitness family either join online or, if you prefer to see before you buy, call your nearest facility and a team member will book you a facility tour at a time convenient to you. A dedicated member of staff will show you around and give you all the information you will need to start your fitness journey.

Over 60?

Get all the benefits of the above for £75.00 per year by signing up to our Activage membership and let us help you keep up with your grandkids. Join Now

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